NATIONAL ELECTRIC POWER CO-OPERATION (NEPCO) is a Private limited liability company responsible for Power generation, Transmission and Distribution of electricity in the Mudug and Nugal regions of Puntland State of Somalia. The firm was established in 2009 with the specific understanding to meet the demands of the growing market in the field of Electrical Power Distribution in Somalia.

During our short existence, NEPCO has managed to consolidate and become the sole power supplier in the major cities of Mudug and Nugal, including Galkacyo, Burtinle, Galdogob, Harfo, Jariban, Bacadweyn, Bursaalax and Cagaaran.

NEPCO provides electricity to over 30,000 customers – consisting of residential, commercial, community buildings, local government and non-governmental organizations, currently we are suppling a total of circa 27mw of uninterrupted electricity 24 hours to its customers.

The company’s senior management team has vast experience in diverse areas of the energy market including development, engineering, finance, operations, asset management, energy trading and contracting.


Our objective is to achieve customer satisfaction and continual improvement of customer services. Establishing long term mutually rewarding relationship and Provide excellent quality services to meets the requirement of our customers.

Our Values

Customer Service First

Empowerment and capacity building of our staff


Managing our company in a sound manner

Team work

Accountability and transparency


Equal Opportunity 

Social Responsibility

Promotion of Environmental protection


NEPCO’s vision is to provide top-quality services to our customers, so that we achieve status of the first choice supplier of electricity in a competitive environment. We exist to attract and maintain clients. When we adhere to this maxim, everything else will fall into place.


Our mission is to efficiently transmit and distribute high quality electricity throughout north east and central Somalia with reasonable price.

Further, the company aims provide high quality customer service. Management team with board of directors’ oversight will ensure that the company grows steadily and will ensure the company’s long term technical and financial viability.