NEPCO HQ and main power station is located in the trading city of Galkayo, which is situated in the north-central part of Somalia, and is one of the most developed towns in the region. The city is divided into four main districts, Garsoor, Horumar, Israac, and Wadajir.

The Puntland Administration controls Garsoor, Horumar, and Israac, while Galmudug controls Wadajir.

Although there is no recent census of Galkayo population, state sources are currently estimating its population to be between 400,000 to 650,000 people.

Galkayo is a lively trading city and good transiting hub for trading from varies regions of Somalia and Ethiopia. This is a vital city and it has experienced increased security and stability in recent years, leading to more economic and living standard developments.

Galkayo is the largest market for livestock in the horn of Africa, a sector that provides food and income to over 60% of Somali Population. We are proud to have opened up this economy by lighting up Galkayo city.